Mitsubishi Split System Heat Pump to the Rescue!

For especially difficult heating or cooling needs, Lynnwood Mitsubishi Split System Heat Pump offers unique solutions. If your home is experiencing hot-spots in the summer or cold-spots in the winter, now is the time to seek alternative solutions. There is no need to suffer with uncomfortable living spaces!

Case in Point

You’ve been suffering in silence (or not so silent) for years as the 1970s home you fell in love with has never been comfortable. One homeowner solved his cooling problems in one day – by installing a Mitsubishi Split-System Heat Pump. The home was a unique ranch construction; shaped like a ‘U’, had ducting issues not easily resolved. The two legs of the ‘U’ are connected with a cathedral ceilinged breezeway; with no means of connecting ductwork between the legs, only one side is properly conditioned. As a result, the living room, dining room and kitchen were never comfortable – in winter or summer.

Because the home was constructed with one side completely ducted, the living space was dependent upon window unit air conditioner in summer and space heaters in winter. Between the noise, safety and discomfort, the family did not spend much time living in that side of their amazing home. Finally, having discovered the split-system heat pump, their problems have been solved.


Requiring only one 3 inch hole in the wall, to connect the outdoor and indoor units, the system was installed in about eight hours. The savings realized in electrical costs paid for the unit in a little over a year! Plus, the unit supplies enough cool/hot air to reach the thermostat in the other ‘leg’; keeping the temperature demands satisfied. This means the older unit is not running for long periods of time, saving even more money.

Construction debris is minimal, requiring no dumpsters or additional costs for clean-up. The elimination for costly ductwork also maintained the architectural appeal of the home. As the only other solution would be to provide a completely separate heating/cooling system, cost savings is phenomenal.  Quiet operation is yet one more advantage to the split system. The air handlers are slim (about 7 inches deep) and operated with remote control. With no need for external wiring, there are no holes required to run control wires; eliminating the need for drywall repair.

This particular solution was so successful, that neighbors have followed suit. When you are sitting in your ‘perfect’ home, sweltering or shivering, perhaps it’s time to contact your Seattle HVAC Contractor to provide you with solutions to your temperature problems. With a range of sizes to suit any need, Mitsubishi can provide a solution to just about any situation.