Your Urgent Furnace Service in Mukilteo

furnace service in MukilteoComplete Mechanical can take care of your urgent furnace service in Mukilteo. We know that January, or even early February with their patterns of changeable weather, is not the time for a furnace to go out. Many things can happen to cause a heating system to malfunction in winter, and our team is available 24/7 to help you in emergencies.

We would like to take a moment, however, to remind our customers not to be taken in by people who seem to be from our company or from the Snohomish County Public Utility District. The PUD has an excellent page that talks about utility scams. They caution customers not to give money to people who come to their door claiming to be collectors. Your utility company will never come to your door or ask for payment other than through official channels. Since we are a service, our team will come to your home. However, we are a registered PUD service, and we value your safety and our reputation highly. Our workers will be easy to identify by their vehicle, uniform and the invoice for our services. If you are ever in doubt, call our home office immediately and ask for identification. We will always be glad to vouch for our workers.

Complete Mechanical can take care of your urgent furnace service in Mukilteo, just call us at (206)337-2360, or visit our website on the Internet. We have a great deal to offer – including a discount coupon for either a tune-up for your existing furnace, or a discount on installation of a new system. Your comfort is our business, and we make every effort to give honest, satisfactory service. We intend to be your good neighbor for many years in the future.