Why A Heat Pump Must Be Properly Sized For The Home

Heat Pump Service in BothellAll too many homeowners have purchased heat pumps that are too large for their home in the hopes that the cooling effect will be amplified. The reverse is true when working with heat pumps that are oversized – they end up working inefficiently and wasting energy. Heat pumps that are either too small or too large for your space run constantly, and continuously cycle on and off.

Since heat pumps provide both cooling and heating, they work somewhat similarly to an air conditioner. Air must be drawn over the coils to cool or heat them through a moisture exchange. Oversized units get cold or hot very quickly, then shut off. This gives a blast that quickly dissipates, triggering the appliance to start up again. The process is known as short cycling and it wears out your heat pump quickly.

There are clear guidelines and specifications in building codes on how to properly size this equipment to work within a home. The overall space needs to be considered, not just the square footage or the number of rooms. Let a technician from Complete Mechanical do the calculations on your home before you invest in a heat pump.  Our technicians have great experience and knowledge who specialize in heat pumps and geothermal heating solutions.

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