Smart Choices Save Money

HVAC service in ArlingtonDid you realize that the heating and air conditioning system in your residence or business is responsible for at least one half of its energy use? During particularly cold or hot weather, excessive utilization can cause utility bills to soar just to keep the internal temperature at a comfortable level. To ensure that your unit is operating in the most effectual manner, it is important to retain routine HVAC service in Arlington. Complete Mechanical provides the most experienced and affordable heating and air conditioning maintenance in the Western Washington area.

In addition to HVAC servicing by a qualified technician, there are other simple steps you can take to save money every month. They include:

  • Changing the disposable filter or cleaning a reusable one on a monthly basis during heavy heating and A/C use and at least every three months otherwise.
  • Installing a programmable thermostat that more accurately sustains temperature.
  • Carefully inspecting all ductwork and sealing obvious leaks.
  • Purchasing Energy Star equipment.
  • Upgrading your heating and air conditioning unit if it is more than 10 years old to a newer, more efficient model.
  • Scheduling annual HVAC service with Complete Mechanical.

Completing these simple tasks will result in significant energy savings not only each month, but in the long run. Call Complete Mechanical today at (206) 337-2360 to make an appointment for your yearly HVAC service in Arlington. We will also be happy to work with you to make certain that your residence or commercial property is as energy efficient as possible so that you can use the savings elsewhere.