Rebates for Ductless Heat Pump Systems in Marysville

Rebates for Ductless Heat Pump Systems in MarysvilleComplete Mechanical can help customers to qualify for rebates for ductless heat pump systems in Marysville. There are a number of rebates and tax credits available for new installations of ductless heat pump systems if they are completed before December 2016 – some need to be completed by June 30, 2016. However, most of these money saving deals require professional installation by licensed, qualified contractors. That is, of course, where we come in.

To locate deals, rebates and tax credits there are several places customers can check. Begin with your local hardware/home appliance dealers such as Lowes Lumber Company or Home Depot. Watch for seasonal deals on heating and cooling. Shop in the store, when possible. Often these stores will have manufacturer rebate applications displayed near the units that are for sale. Manufacturers are the next step. They are in the business of selling their products, and frequently offer mail-in rebates on their products. The next stop for locating rebates and credits is your local electric/utility company. In Marysville that could be the Snohomish PUD, or it could be Puget Sound Energy. Both offer substantial rebates on air-based ductless heat pump systems. At the next level up are state and federal tax credits, which are not all that helpful with the initial purchase price, but are very useful at tax time. If you are still struggling with coming up with that first investment sum, at the Washington state level, there are several grant and loan programs for home and business owners who are trying to lower their monthly utility bills.

If you are planning to upgrade your home or business heating system using rebates for ductless heat pump systems in Marysville, give us a call at (206)337-2360.