Outdoor Coil Clean Inspection Point

If you are a homeowner with an air conditioning unit, you will want to receive proper maintenance for your unit, not only to elongate the life of the air conditioning unit, but also to ensure its smooth operation during the summer months. A great time to have your air conditioning unit inspected is before the warm season. Not checking an air conditioning unit on a regular basis can lead to ineffective operation, and in some cases, it can pose a safety hazard.

The technicians at Complete Mechanical, Inc. are well-versed in all types of HVAC, heating, and air conditioning units, and provide a full inspection on the unit. One of the things we look for is ensuring that the outdoor coils on an air conditioning unit are clean. If the coils are not clean, this could lead to improper air flow. Keeping these coils clean improves the overall efficiency of the unit, and it also minimizes the chance of mold or mildew growing, and getting introduced into your indoor air stream. Most likely, the coils will need to be cleaned, and our technicians do this as part of the inspection process.

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