Industrial AC Installation, Service & Repair in Seattle

Industrial AC installation, service & repair in SeattleTo keep a business cool and comfortable in the summer, it is wise to ensure that the AC is kept running at its best performance. This is especially true for an Industrial AC, as they are cooling on a large scale basis usually for warehouses and manufacturing plants. Businesses that want to ensure that these large scale air conditioning units are in tip top shape so that productivity continues, and doesn’t slow or stop, as it tends to do when a unit fails. To find a certified company that handles industrial AC installation, service & repair in Seattle look no further than Complete Mechanical.

We have many years of experience in industrial AC service and repair, and our technicians have seen many issues arise in a variety of units. This helps each one of our technicians to be able to correct any mistakes which can arise during a service or repair job.

To keep an industrial AC in tip top shape it should be annually inspected, and our technicians will ensure that each one is thoroughly checked for possible problems and will correct any found. Correcting these issues can help to prevent any possible costly repairs in the future, as well as some health hazards.

There are times that an AC will need to be repaired and when this arises our highly trained specialists are on call 24 hours a day; 7 days a week to repair the problem quickly and efficiently. We ensure affordable repairs and services for all our customers as we know that the economy isn’t what it once was and that everyone including businesses is looking to save money.

Our installations are handled only by the best technicians around. Each person on our team will work closely with the customer to design the right AC unit to meet their needs. Once designed our specialists will then install and ensure it is working to meet the customer’s exact specifications.

Contact Complete Mechanical at (206)337-2360 if you are in need of industrial AC installation, service & repair in Seattle; we are a one-stop solution for all industrial AC needs.