Compressor AMPS & VOLTS Inspection Point

As a part of regular service and maintenance, the technicians and experts at Complete Mechanical, Inc. will check the Amperage and voltage on all HVAC systems. This testing is usually done in conjunction with the testing of the blower motor. The technicians will perform this check with a multimeter, which will read the Amperage and volts on each machine.

Amps and volts really refer to the power that a blower can put forth. If for some reason a connection is faulty or the motor is not receiving enough power, it could fail to heat or cool the house properly. A reading that is off may be indicative that the motor has failed, and requires a replacement. However, because this is a serious problem, the technicians will first diagnose other parts of the machine, such as the capacitator, and the wiring, to make sure that nothing is faulty, before replacing the motor.

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