Available for Furnace Service in Edmonds

Furnace Service in Edmonds

Complete Mechanical has your furnace service in Edmonds. Most homes in the United States are heated with either a furnace or boiler system. These systems are the most efficient for delivering heat uniformly throughout your home.

Furnaces have their share of troubles, however. Even if they are gas or oil furnaces, when the electricity goes off, so do they. That is because they depend upon forced air to move the heat from the central burner throughout the building. When the fan goes off, so does the heat. Indeed, most of them have a safety setup so that the burner will not kick on if the fan is not operational. This keeps the mechanical parts of the furnace from over-heating, and it prevents gas from puddling near the base of the furnace – which could be highly dangerous. Other parts that can develop problems include the ignition system and the thermostat, which are important for efficient operation of your furnace. If that were not enough, it is also a good idea for the filters to be changed out periodically to help, not only your furnace’s efficiency, but also your indoor air quality. While mid-winter isn’t the normal time for furnace service, sometimes it is a necessary event for best operation of your furnace.

Complete Mechanical has your furnace service in Edmonds, just call us at (206)337-2360 to learn how we can help keep your furnace at its peak operating efficiency. We understand that sometimes your furnace develops a hiccup at the most inconvenient time, so we can also be reached at that number after hours and on weekends. If you have a gas furnace and you suspect that there is a leak, make that phone call from a safe place outside your home.