Air Conditioning Service in Mill Creek

Air Conditioning Service in Mill CreekComplete Mechanical is here to help with your air conditioning service in Mill Creek. We know that late summer is a difficult time to have problems with your air conditioning. Our well-trained technicians will be with you as quickly as possible.

Air conditioners work hard in the summer heat and humidity. One way to help your air conditioner, particularly if it is a window unit, is to make sure that the air intake filters are kept clean. When pollen, dirt, pet dander and more builds up on the air intake it can prevent air from circulating over the refrigerator coils. Another problem that can arise is a short caused by summer lightning storms. Many modern air conditioners have a circuit board that is vulnerable to electrical surges such as can occur during a power outage. Within seconds, a unit that was running just a few minutes ago, has stopped functioning. For households with a member who has respiratory problems or is otherwise susceptible to the heat, this can present an extreme hardship. A third problem occurs when an air conditioner has been run on its lowest setting for too long in a humid environment. Ice forms on the cooling coils. If the ice fills the AC cavity, it can stop the fans from turning. Although the unit is still cooling, the air is no longer circulating.

If you need air conditioning service in Mill Creek, give Complete Mechanical a call at (206)337-2360 and we will get our next available technical team right out to you. We understand how frustrating it can be to lose air conditioning in the hottest part of the summer. Please understand that we might be helping other customers, and that on a busy day there could be delays. We will be there as quickly as we can.