Your Yearly Water Heater Service in Bothell

Hot Water Tank Service in Seattle

Complete Mechanical has your yearly water heater service in Bothell well in hand. Our experienced, licensed, certified technicians can handle any aspect of water heater installation or service whether your heater is gas or electric, or whether it connects with your home heating and air conditioning system.

Water heaters are one of those devices that comes under the heading of “a good servant, but bad master.” Correctly maintained, water heaters provide hot water on demand – one of the truly delightful perks of modern living – without adding to a home-maker’s daily labors. A storage water heater is a large tank with a heater, truly it is a simplistic device were it not for a physical attribute peculiar to water: it’s molecules change size with its temperature. Steam, a natural by-product of heating water, expands creating pressure. For this reason, water heaters come with safety valves and emergency plugs which allow the excess pressure to escape harmlessly. Water that flows through water heaters tends to have a certain amount of sediment and mineral content. The sediment builds up, and the mineral content can sometimes create acidity. The anode rod, a piece of zinc, attracts the acidity helping to prevent it from attacking the lining of the tank and causing pitting. A service visit will check burners, valves, and the anode rod. It will take care of flushing out the tank and removing sediment.

Call Complete Mechanical Inc. at (206)337-2360 for your yearly water heater service in Bothell. Not only is a yearly water heater service a good preventative practice, it might even help keep you heater in compliance with warranty conditions. Better yet, keeping it clear of sediment and mineral deposits makes more room in the holding tank for the hot water you enjoy.