Which Is the Best Heat Pump for My Home?

Did you know that Seattle homeowners and business owners can now harness the power of the earth to heat their homes. with a Seattle Heat Pump installed by the professionals at Complete Mechanical, Inc., you can now use the earth’s own heat to warm the air inside your home. this energy efficient solution is perfect for moderate climates like ours, and we are pleased to offer a wide range of heat pumps to meet your needs.



Goodman heat pumps offer a superior reliability for our customers we recommend them because of the excellent warranty on all Goodman products, consider by many to be the best in the HVAC industry. They have heat pumps for both residential and commercial buildings.


Complete Mechanical has been a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor since 1995, and we believe that this particular brand is the industry leader for a variety of products. because they specialize in eco-friendly heating and cooling solutions, they offer heat pumps, including the split heat pump. This particular pump is designed to provide more even heating throughout the property by splitting it into zones, providing heat only where it is needed.


We have been working as a Certified Trane Dealer since 1995, and we value this manufacturer because they provide superior performance with their heat pumps. Specifically, Trane products are known for their longevity.

Making the Choice

Choosing between these three excellent manufacturers is not easy. When you are ready to purchase a heat pump, the best way to make the choice is to contact us to speak with a qualified technician. We will evaluate the unique needs of your home and help you choose the heat pump that completely meets those needs. Whether you need the longevity of a Trane, the split field capabilities of the Mitsubishi or the peace of mind that comes from the Goodman warranty, we will help you make the best possible choice. Our technicians will then install the pump accurately, so you can begin benefiting from your own Seattle heat pump, enjoying a comfortable home with lower energy bills.

So contact us today to get started on installing your Seattle Heat Pump. When you call, ask us about our $300 discount offer, to help you save on installation while you take steps to save on energy bills in the future. With Complete Mechanical, both types of savings are absolutely possible. Contact us at 206-233-2360 or click Here.