Time for Furnace Service in Everett

furnace service in Everett

Complete Mechanical Inc. would like to remind everyone that now is a good time for furnace service in Everett. Summer is winding down; the days are getting shorter and the nights a little cooler. Big yellow school buses can be seen out on the road.  Soon the leaves on deciduous trees will start to turn color and carpet lawns. Sometime before children young and old come out in costume to call out “Trick or Treat,” your furnace will thank you with better performance if it has been treated to a professional service visit.

A furnace service visit will clean the cobwebs and accumulated summer dust out of your furnace. All moving parts will be checked and lubricated. Electronic and electrical systems will also be checked, including the thermostat and any necessary ignition devices. If your furnace is gas, the thermocouple will also get a once-over. We can also check for leaks – for just in case. Blowers and blower motors will be examined and the ducts cleaned out. If your furnace and air conditioner share the same ductwork, cleaning it out will make those last few weeks that you use your AC unit much more pleasant.

Complete Mechanical can help you take advantage of an early furnace service in Everett, just call (206)337-2360 to make an appointment. Our team has the expertise to work on any sort of system that you might have, including heat pumps. We are prepared to help you with the process of keeping your family snug and warm when the winter winds come whistling around the corners of your house. We know it looks nice outside now, but it won’t be long before Jack Frost and old man Winter put in their appearance.