Summer Boiler Service in Smokey Point is the Perfect Time To Maintain Your System


Summer Boiler Service in Smokey Point is the Perfect Time To Maintain Your SystemSummer may seem like a better time to focus on your AC, but the off-season is the perfect time to look at your boiler and heating systems to keep them shipshape in the winter. When you need boiler service in Smokey Point, Complete Mechanical, Inc. can ensure that your needs are taken care of. If your boiler has a leak or other damage, a professional can ensure that small problems are mitigated before they turn into broader issues.

Boiler leaks can present a significant number of dangers, and it is best to take care of these issues when you are not using your boiler than when you need it most. Unchecked leaks can cause quite a bit of damage if left unchecked, so it is best to take care of this with professional help.

Here are some common reasons for boiler leaks:

● The pressure may be too high for the boiler, which can create leaks in the pressure valve. Ideally, you want to keep pressure between 18 and 21 PSI. The pressure relief valve leaks to prevent a rupture or explosion from your boiler. Blockages and limescale can also create increased pressure in your boiler, leading to leaks. After the debris is removed from the boiler, valves are going to need to be resealed.
● Most leaks are created by corrosion in pipes or in the tank itself. If you see rust, you may need to replace the valve. Large amounts of rust may mean you need to replace your boiler.
● Improper boiler installation can lead to water leaks around pipe fittings.
● Leaking boiler pump seals may need to be resealed or replaced entirely.
● Temperature valve leaks may mean the temperature on your boiler is too high or your temperature probe is malfunctioning

If you notice these signs or leaks due to other causes in your boiler system, don’t delay: call a specialist who can provide you with boiler service in Smokey Point today. For more information on our heating and cooling services or to get your free estimate for your needs, call our team today at (206) 337-2360.