Snohomish PUD Energy Rebates

When the wind starts whistling around the corners and rattling the windows, and there is a forecast for snow, we all know that winter is here. Snohomish PUD has their customers in mind, and helping them save on heating bills is an important part of their concern. One way that the PUD does this is to offer rebates on installation of qualifying heating devices, such as eligible heat pumps – which can not only help with heating in winter, but also with cooling in summer. These heat pumps are designed to increase home comfort with better efficieny and to lower heating bills.

In order to qualify, customers need to be heating with electricity, and all the work must be done by a qualified contractor who is registered with Snohomish PUD, such as Complete Mechanical, Inc. Look for the “Registered Snohomish County PUD Contractor” logo on the contractor’s website. Both ductless and ducted heat pumps qualify – as do geothermal heat pumps. Both single dwelling and attached residence buildings are eligible, but must be located in Snohomish County or Camano Island. Some weatherization projects are also qualified. Dollar values of the rebates range from $200, for weatherization; up to $1500 for ducted, inverter-driven heat-pumps or geothermal heat pumps.

To apply for this rebate, go to the weatherization or heating pages of the Snohomish PUD website and open the PUD Rebate Page. Get an estimate from at least one registered PUD contractor – two or more might be better. Select your preferred contractor, and have the work done. The contractor will then submit the paperwork to Snohomish PUD, along with any supporting paperwork from you. The PUD will then pay the contractor the instant rebate, who will have already deducted the amount from your installation costs.

If you need help or want to discuss any part of the rebate process, call the Snohomish PUD energy hotline at (425)783-1700, or if you live outside the Everett area, call 1-877-783-1000. Snohomish PUD energy counselors will be happy to help you select the program that best suits your needs. All applications for rebates must be submitted within 90 days of when the work is completed.

For real time rebate rates and information, please visit the PUD website.