Should You Replace or Repair Your Broken Seattle Furnace?

If your having issues with your current furnace, the common question people ask themselves is should I fix my furnace or replace it? On the average furnaces last about 15-20 years. If your getting close to the time frame and your having problems with your furnace is it worth sinking more money into it so it can break again and you have to end up replacing it even though you just spent money on it. It might be a band-aid fix or it could end up lasting many more years to come, its a definite gamble. If you do your research and hire a certified Seattle Furnace Repair Contractor to inspect your furnace and give you a proper recommendation on if you should keep your current furnace or if you should upgrade to a new one.

Here Are Some Reasons for Replacing Your Furnace

  • Better Air Quality
  • More Energy Efficient
  • Save Money Over Time

Reasons To Keep Your Existing Furnace

  • Less Money Upfront
  • May Last A Few More Years
  • If You Plan On Moving In The Next Few Years

After you decide on what to do just make sure that you schedule your service with a reputable HVAC Contractor and if possible look into any HVAC Testimonials from customers who have previously used their services.