Service Your Heating Unit Now

heating service in ArlingtonWith no end in sight for the beautiful warm weather this summer in Washington, ‘s hard to think about snow and ice and cold. However, we all know that it will come eventually, and its important to be prepared. Now is the perfect time to make an appointment for heating service in Arlington with Complete Mechanical.

Our service technicians have a wide variety of experience on numerous types of heating systems, whether you have a furnace or boiler, use oil, gas or electricity or have steam, warm air or hot water heat. We will thoroughly inspect your heater and all its components, diagnose any problems that we see, make repairs as necessary, carefully clean each part and service the heater so it is ready when you need it. A critical portion of our service call will be to ensure that there are no carbon monoxide leaks.

Finding problems early can save you money, time and keep the air in your home comfortable on a regular basis. Common issues that we see include: a malfunctioning thermostat, decrease in air flow, dirty and clogged filters and pilot or ignition control failure. Maintenance now can eliminate expensive repairs during the peak season. Since we do not utilize our heaters during the summer months, we are not as busy as we are during the late fall and winter and can service your unit quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Contact the professionals at Complete Mechanical for heating service in Arlington at (206) 337-2360 today. We are available and happy to help.