Outdoor Entering and Leaving Temperature Inspection Point

No matter what kind of heating and cooling system you use, every system requires routing maintenance and a yearly inspection. This not only elongates the life of the system, but it also ensures that all of your HVAC systems are running properly and efficiently, and gives you peace of mind knowing there are no safety hazards within your equipment.

As part of a full inspection when our Complete Mechanical, Inc. technicians check a heat pump every year, we check the entering and leaving Fahrenheit temperature of a heat pump. We do this by running the heat pump through a normal heating cycle. After the system is running for approximately 10 minutes, we will measure the entering temperature from the leaving temperature. We measure these two temperatures by measuring the air entering and leaving the fan coil. If the result is typical, this is fairly indicative that your heat pump is running as it should, although there are many other points of inspection that we provide.

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