Mukilteo Complete Mechanical Services

Complete Mechanical has been serving Mukilteo and the nearby areas since 1995. We are the area’s most reputable name and the most trusted heating service provider. No matter what type of heating or cooling services you need, we offer all at affordable prices. Call us today to get your service appointment scheduled for our Mukilteo Heating Services. You will be pleased to receive our professional help for all your heating and cooling troubles. Over the years, we have provided our clients with high quality installation, maintenance and repair services. With our specialized knowledge and extensive experience, we get all jobs done right, the first time. The next time you face any heating or cooling emergency or require your regular inspections and maintenance, call only Complete Mechanical in Mukilteo.


In the cold winters of Mukilteo, a fully functional heating system is one of the most important systems to have to keep your home comfortably warm. If you haven’t got a heater installed in your home or office, get it done before the chilly winters start. Complete Mechanical offers complete solution to your heating needs. Along with installing and servicing these units, we also help our clients select their heating and cooling systems wisely. We take time to listen to every individual customer’s unique requirements and guide them through the selection process. We also offer a full line of heating and cooling products and can provide you with the most energy efficient unit at an affordable rate.

Mini Split Heat Pump

Air Conditioning

Complete Mechanical is its customers’ first choice in the area. Our ultimate goal is to help keep your heating and cooling systems in top working condition year round so that you can stay trouble free. If your air conditioning unit breaks down suddenly, you can call us to get instant repairs. Our technicians are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, just to match your immediate needs. So, if your unit starts giving you troubles even at the middle of a night or on a weekend, you can call us without thinking twice. We are committed to reach you within the minimum time possible.


A central HVAC system offers a convenient and quiet way to cool down entire home and commercial property. The precise installation of this complex system needs professional knowledge, skill and years of experience. No other company in Mukilteo is as much experienced and knowledgeable as we are. We keep up with the latest technology in the heating and cooling industry. All our professionals are well-informed and certified to handle any heating or cooling device. With their decades of relevant experience in the industry, they can provide you with complete technical support and professional guidance to purchase and maintain your unit in the best way.

Water Heaters

When it comes to water heater installation, a lot of things are needed to be considered. A very small amount of carelessness can lead to bigger accidents in the future. Count on Complete Mechanical for all your water heater needs. When it is about repairing or maintaining your boiler system, only a professional service provider can do the job perfectly.

Heat Pump

The technology of a heat pump is more complex than a simple furnace or HVAC unit. A heat pump is a 2-in-1 device that works as furnace in winters and as an air conditioner in summer. If you are planning to replace your older heating and cooling units with a more efficient heat pump, call Complete Mechanical today.

Radiant Heating

Tankless Water Heaters

A tankless water heater offers the best and the smartest way to fulfill your hot water needs. Many household jobs require uninterrupted supply of hot water, and a tankless type can deliver your needs suitably. This is why more and more families are opting for a tankless type replacing their older and conventional water heaters. Whether you need to get your water heater replaced or repaired, or want a new one installed, call us to get the job done in the shortest period of time.