Keeping Your HVAC System Maintained Is Good for the System and Good for Your Health and Wallet

The most common HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems are heat pumps. They work well in all but the coldest climates. Heat pumps are popular since they provide air conditioning and heating from a single unit, making the initial cost of acquisition and installation less costly than installing separate systems for each function.

Seattle Air Conditioning and heatingWhether you have a heat pump or two systems, regular maintenance of your heating and cooling systems will keep your systems running cleaner and longer. Like any major piece of mechanical equipment, Seattle air conditioning and heating equipment need to be lubricated, cleaned and have adjustments made to pulleys and belts, or belt replacement on a periodic basis.

Homeowners should take responsibility for making sure that the filter on their heat pump or furnace and air conditioner units are changed every 30 days. The schedule for heat pumps is every month, the schedule for separate air conditioning and heating systems is every 30 days when the system is in use. This is a job that any homeowner can do.

Failure to change the filter means that you are allowing air with irritants such as allergens; dust and other pollutants blow freely through your home. Family members with allergies will suffer needlessly and children are especially susceptible to allergens. Older folks with COPD or emphysema will be uncomfortable, frequent filter changes prevents this discomfort.

Dirty systems also run less efficiently, fuel bills when operating a dirty system are higher as the units have to work harder to blow air through the system.

Tune-ups for heat pumps should occur twice a year, at the beginning of the heating season and the beginning of the cool season. Our Seattle air conditioning and heating certified technicians  will check filters, belts, thermostats and duct work. Our inspection is price fixed. Needed repairs that we find during the heating and air conditioning service are only made with your approval. We provide a firm price before we begin any work and will not proceed without your approval.

For heaters we make sure that the wiring is not frayed, that the fuel source is properly connected and if it natural gas, oil or propane that there are no leaks. For air conditioners, we check refrigerant levels to make sure they are correct and add as needed. If we add to the system we will check for leaks too.

Keep your air conditioning and heating system running at maximum efficiency. It’s good for your family’s health and will save you money on your utility bill.