It’s Time for Heating Service in Snohomish


It's Time for Heating Service in Snohomish

To ensure the safety and overall good health of your home’s occupants, it is important to have a professional complete annual gas heating service in Snohomish on your unit. As propane and natural gas are odorless, it is critical that you make sure that your heater is operating as it should. If you smell something, it is a chemical called mercaptan (smells like sulfur), that has been added to signal a gas leak.

Your technician will complete several tasks to verify the safety and effective operation of your heater. This will include:

  • Cleaning or replacing the filter. Permanent filters are washed and replaced. Disposable ones are thrown away and new ones put back in. It is essential to have an exact match.
  • For efficiency and safety, your furnace room should be kept clean. Your service provider may vacuum the area.
  • The thermostat will be inspected, and settings verified. If the thermostat is battery powered, the batteries should be replaced twice annually. Older units should be replaced with a more efficient WiFi thermostat. This will save money.
  • The blower, belts, pulleys, and housing will be cleaned to reduce dust and particulates.
  • The ductwork will be evaluated for stability. Breaks in the seams will be repaired with mastic. A vacuum hose will be used to clean out the ducts, if necessary, to improve air quality in your home.

Contact the pros at Complete Mechanical at (206) 337-2360 to schedule your annual gas heater service in Snohomish. We can also give you guidance about solving issues you may be experiencing with your heating unit to make sure that it continues to operate in the most efficient and safe manner possible.