Get your Boiler Service in Lake Stevens

boiler service in Lake Stevens

Complete Mechanical has your boiler service in Lake Stevens. Now that we are into the early months of winter, you might notice moderate imperfections in your boiler heating system. Boilers are often used to heat water for a radiant heat system or to create steam for a steam radiator system. Unlike forced air heating systems, both of these types of heat produce a steadier heat that is more satisfying than electric or gas heat that works with a blower.

Some things to watch for with a hot water or steam heat system is small leaks, which can manifest as light damp spots under pipe joints or as steam. Also, check pressure valves to make sure they are working. Changing out older boilers for modern efficient boilers can improve efficiency from around 57% to nearly 90%. Coal furnaces or old coal furnaces that have been converted to gas or oil are prime candidates for replacement. Newer boilers put out less toxic emissions – especially the ones that include a CO2 reburner in the flue. Improved efficiency means lower fuel bills for you and a cleaner environment for everyone. That is the kind of good news that you and your neighbors will enjoy.

Complete Mechanical has your boiler service in Lake Stevens, just call (206)337-2360 to learn more about modern boiler systems. They are energy efficient and can add appreciably to your home comfort. They can be installed in the basement or a closet, or they can be placed out-of-doors. There will be some efficiency lost with the boilers that are installed outside because of temperature loss through the jacketing. Still, this heating method that has been around since at least the mid 1800s, still cannot be beat for efficiency and comfort.