Furnace Service in Lynnwood

Furnace Service in LynnwoodDid you know that the cause of many residential and commercial property fires is due to a faulty furnace? To ensure that this does not happen to you, it is important to schedule your annual furnace service in Lynnwood with Complete Mechanical. Our certified technicians are ready to help your family or your customers utilize your building’s heating system in the safest manner possible.

One way consumers can aid in the effective operation of a furnace is to regularly clean or change its filters. This saves both time and money. Other issues that may develop that require immediate attention include accumulation of rust, dirt and lint on the furnace components, which are major fire hazards. Dirty burners can also contribute to this problem.

Over time, your furnace’s heat exchanger, which separates deadly carbon monoxide from the air you breathe, can show holes or cracks that can be extremely dangerous.

During a routine appointment, the technicians at Complete Mechanical will carefully inspect all elements of your furnace to make certain that everything is working properly and effectively. This examination covers the heat exchanger, burners, blower, safety controls, the operation of the furnace as a whole, air filters and operating and temperature controls.

We will check to be sure that the system is drafting correctly and is properly vented. We will clean grimy parts and perform replacement procedures for anything that is not up to standard.

Call Complete Mechanical today at (206) 337-2360 to schedule your furnace service in Lynnwood. We look forward to helping you safely heat your structure this winter season.