Emergency Heat Operation Inspection Point

At the top of the list of responsibilities associated with becoming a homeowner is performing regular maintenance on all of the household units and appliances. Perhaps the most important appliance is your heat and/or air conditioning system. These HVAC systems should be checked yearly to ensure not only that they are running efficiently, but they pose no safety hazard or threat.

An item that is one of the most important to check during an inspection is the operation of the emergency heat. A homeowner may never have to use the backup, or emergency, heat from their heat pump, but it’s crucial to know that it is working and operational. The backup heat should be immediately turned on when and if a heat pump fails, to provide heat to the household until a professional serviceperson arrives.

Here at Complete Mechanical, Inc., our technicians are well-versed at all types of heating and air conditioning systems, and have a long inspection checklist for a yearly inspection. One of the most important things we check is the functioning of the emergency heat, ensuring that it will work in the case of an emergency.

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