Creating Better Indoor Air Quality in Mukilteo

Indoor Air Quality in Mukilteo

Mukilteo isn’t the worst place in the world for air quality. In fact, on many days it is good. Its two main pollutants are ozone and particulate matter – which occur naturally but can proliferate around cities. Complete Mechanical HVAC, Inc., would like to help you prevent outdoor air from affecting your indoor air quality in Mukilteo, as well as to deal with common household pollutants.

The obvious choice with outdoor air is to either keep it outside or to filter it before it comes inside. Even common window air conditioning units can help with this since most of them include air filters that strain out particulate matter. They help with ozone, too, because it is often the result of sunlight interacting with particulate matter – the stuff that is generated by factory smoke, wildfires, auto exhaust, and even common dust. Heat pump air conditioner/heaters are an even better choice for air filtration. Just keeping the filters on your central air unit changed regularly will help. You can also select an indoor air filter. This will help with indoor pollutants such as dust from cat litter boxes, cooking odors and spatters, pet dander, people dander (yep, we shed hair and skin particles, too) and with fumes from artificial materials used in furnishing or finishing the interior of your home.

Complete Mechanical HVAC, Inc., can help with your indoor air quality in Mukilteo, just call us at (206)337-2360, to learn more. We can help with not only filtering the stuff that comes in from outside, we can help with those positive and negative ions inside, as well. We haven’t quite written the book on air quality, but we might think about it sometime.  Not only is it part of our trade, we breathe the same air that is available to you.