Complete Mechanical Discusses Energy Saving Tips for Your HVAC This Winter

Freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on your home! And those freezing temperatures are here…the Heating Experts at Complete Mechanical offer advice to reduce the risks of suffering damage to your home from failed heating systems due to the sub-zero weather.

1. Let the Sun in

Take advantage of mother nature’s kinder, gentler moments. When the sun is shining, adjust your blinds such that the blades are tilted toward the ceiling. This will allow a lower heat ‘ceiling’ and reduce your heating bills during the day. Just be sure to close the blinds once the sun has gone down!

2. Reverse the Ceiling Fan

Heat rises, so by switching your ceiling fan’s rotation, you will be pushing the risen heat back down. The reversed position will also help to circulate the sun’s heat from Step 1 throughout the room. Set the speed to ‘Low’.

3. Moisture

Especially in homes with forced hot air, using a humidifier will counteract the excessive dryness experienced in winter. You may find that the humidity will make the same temperature seem warmer. This could well result in reducing the thermostat and ultimately an energy savings.

4. Upgrade Firplaces

If you have a traditional, wood burning fireplace, you know the extreme heat loss through the flue, even when not in use that is experienced. Perhaps this winter is the time to consider a Natural Gas Fireplace or Insert from Complete Mechanical. No more heat loss, and the fireplace will actually be a source of heat, rather than heat loss.


5. Exhaust Fan Use

Use exhaust fans sparingly, as heated air is pulled out along with the undesirable cooking smells, steam, etc. During the coldest weather, be sure to turn the fans off to avoid heat loss. Remember, a negative pressure can also be created when using exhaust fans that will draw in outside air through the fireplace and even the tiniest openings, including outlets that are not insulated.

6. Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance

By far, one of the most important things to assure you won’t have problems with your heating system this winter, be sure to have the Seattle Heating Experts at Complete Mechanical perform a full inspection, maintenance and tune-up at least once a year. The tune-up will include:

  • Safety inspection of burners and supply lines (oil or gas)
  • Calibration of the thermostat
  • Thorough inspection and cleaning/repair/replacement as indicated of air handler or blowers
  • Inspection of and replacement/cleaning of filter(s)
  • Full inspection of all wiring and connections
  • Full survey of home to identify hot/cold spots and rectify same
  • Determine that electrical systems of your heating system are drawing the correct amperage (this is accomplished through metered device)

At the time of your yearly inspection/maintenance, you Seattle Heating Specialist from Complete Mechanical may offer advice addressing any concerns you may have. Be sure to ask about our full line of Natural Gas Fireplaces!