Blower Wheel Balance Inspection Point

As part of a yearly maintenance routine, it’s best as a homeowner if you get into the habit of having your air conditioning and heating systems checked regularly. Not only can a unit that is running improperly be inefficient, perhaps costing you hundreds of dollars, it can also pose a safety risk. Any time of year is ideal for a maintenance checkup, but many prefer to have air conditioning systems checked before the start of the warm season and heating systems checked before the beginning of fall and winter.

As part of a yearly maintenance inspection, the technicians at Complete Mechanical, Inc. check many inspection points on heating and air conditioning systems, including the blower wheel. It is important that the blower wheel remain balanced. An unbalanced wheel can cause overwear on the system’s bearing, causing inefficiency and malfunction. An unbalanced blower wheel can also cause a lot of noise in the unit. If our technicians find an unbalanced wheel, we will quickly remedy the problem, ensuring that your unit is running as it should.

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