A Boiler Leak Needs Boiler Service in Marysville Right Away


A Boiler Leak Needs Boiler Service in Marysville Right AwayMost of the time your boiler operates just as it should. However, just as with any mechanical equipment, there are occasions when something goes wrong. A leak in the boiler system signals the need for professional intervention. You should never attempt to repair a gas boiler by yourself, as it presents a significant safety hazard. Contact a pro for boiler service in Marysville.

A boiler leak is a serious issue that indicates a problem with a valve or seal that could lead to damage throughout your home.  A technician can evaluate the source of the leak and determine the best way to resolve the issue.

Your boiler may be leaking because:

  • The pressure may be set too high, which causes a leak in the pressure valve. Ideal pressure is between 18 and 21 PSI. The pressure relief valve leaks to prevent rupture or explosion. A blockage or limescale can also cause an increase in pressure. Valves require resealing after debris is removed.
  • Most boiler leaks are caused by corrosion in the tank or pipes. Rust in one location requires replacing the valve. If it is over a larger area, you may need a new boiler.
  • Boiler pump seals that leak necessitates resealing or replacement.
  • Leaks from the temperature valve indicate the temperature is too high on the boiler. There could be a malfunction in the boiler temperature probe.
  • Improper installation may cause water to leak around pipe fittings.

These signs or a leak somewhere else demonstrate the need for a specialist. Contact the experienced team at Complete Mechanical at (206) 337-2360 to schedule an appointment for boiler service in Marysville. We have the necessary skill and training to handle all your boiler problems.