Water Heater Service in Mukilteo, We’ve got Your Back

water heater service in Mukilteo

Complete Mechanical has your water heater service in Mukilteo. That’s kind of like saying “We’ve got your back.” As a rule, water heaters are stable appliances. Unlike the first water heaters, which had many mechanical issues, modern water heaters are well equipped with safety devices, and with preventative measures to make it likely that the safety devices just sort of sit there for the just in case scenario.

Once, most water heating was done by placing a kettle on the stove. Thomas Edison is said to had caused his mother’s tea kettle to explode by stopping up the spout and sealing the lid. Your hot water heater is prevented from turning into the Edison tea kettle by safety valves that can let off steam and by a valve that will blow out in the case of pressure build up. More importantly, your water heater is equipped with a thermostat, which helps maintain the water at an even temperature, minimizing excess steam and conserving energy at the same time. You might not think it, but that homely cylinder that resides in a closet near your bathroom is the result of years of successive engineering innovations. Most folks don’t think about water heaters a lot – until they stop working. That’s our cue to be on hand with your water heater service.

Complete Mechanical has your water heater service in Mukilteo, just call us at (206)337-2360. We will be glad to schedule a visit to help ensure that your water heater will keep on quietly simmering so that you can have that luxurious hot shower or steaming bubble bath at the end of your long day. We understand that motivation completely – there is nothing like perfectly adjusted water to wash away the grime of a day’s honest labor.