Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters Seattle, also known as instantaneous or demand water heaters, heat water as it is used. There is no storage tank that stores and maintains heated water. This makes a tankless water heater a very efficient way to provide your home with hot water. The United States Department of Energy(DOE) estimates that 1/3 of home utility costs are attributable to hot water heating.

The DOE also says that homes using 41 or less gallons each day can save between 24 percent and 34 percent on energy costs for hot water heating, For homes with higher demand for hot water – according to the DOE 86 gallons daily, a homeowner can gain from 8 to 15 percent improved energy efficiency by using a tankless water heater. The DOE notes that even more savings can be gained, 27 to 50 percent by installing a tankless water heater for all hot water faucets and outlets such as dishwashers or clothes washers..

Navien America offers an excellent choice for a tankless water heater. Their product has earned the United States DOE EnergyStar rating. This means that it meets rigid standards that ensure that products carrying an EnergyStar label are more efficient than similar products.

Navien uses condensing technology in its tankless water heater. The technology is so efficient that their unit has the lowest operating costs of any tankless water heater. Additionally, it is eco-friendly, as it burns so efficiently it emits far less CO2, a known contributor to climate change. The Navien tankless water emits 954 pounds less CO2 than an efficient storage tank water heater and as much as 324 pounds less CO2 if compared to other tankless water heaters.

HVAC Contractors find that d the Seattle Navien tankless water heater design is  far easier to install than comparative models. Easy to use and inexpensive PVC can be used for venting. This lowers installation costs when compared to other brands and makes the pay back period shorter.

Talk with your Seattle Complete Mechanical now about installing a tankless water heater like a Navien. Your will know of local utility rebate programs and how to make sure you get them if available. Many utilities offer rebates on new hot water heaters, especially if they carry an EnergyStar label.