Safe & Efficient Hot Water Tank Service in Everett

hot water tank service in EverettIf your home or business utilizes a standard tank to heat water for washing dishes, clothes and yourself, it is important to make certain that it always operates in the safest and most efficient manner possible. With proper care and routine hot water tank service in Everett, your water heater can last for up to fifteen years before replacement is necessary.

To add additional life to your hot water tank, there are several steps that you can take that include:

  • Surrounding the tank with insulation reduces the loss of heat and therefore can save up to 45% in total operating cost and 9% of your water heating expense.
  • Lowering the thermostat on the hot water tank to 120° also saves money and greatly diminishes the risk of potential scalding from hot water exposure.
  • Allowing a two-foot clearance around the tank permits it to work in its optimum capacity.
  • Having the tank flushed several times a year gets rid of the build-up of sediment in the bottom of the unit.
  • Inspection of the anode rod to make sure that it is working properly prevents rust from forming in the tank.
  • Annual testing of the temperature pressure relief valve ensures safe and secure operation.
  • If the tank is a gas model, turning the heater to “vacation” setting will permit the pilot light to remain lit but not heat the water when it is not needed.

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