4MXC8 Multi-Zone Ductless Systems

Every Trane multi-split system consists of an indoor and an outdoor unit. Trane indoor units feature:

Specially designed air vent efficiently reduces operation noise to provide quiet comfort, as low as 29 dB.

Each multi-split system is designed to exchange fresh air from outside to indoors improving the air quality of the room.

The compact construction and simple structure of Trane’s ductless multi-split systems make the 4MXC8 Cassette and other concealed models easy to install and maintain.

Easily drain condensation from either unit with the built-in drain pump. The maximum drain pipe height is 3.3 feet(1 m).

You set the time for the unit to operate automatically when you want.

Each Trane multi-split system is controlled with a wireless remote control (purchased separately) so you can easily control your system from anywhere in the room. The “I feel” function enables the system to sense temperature at the remote control, rather than a thermostat.

Cassette indoor units ship with a wired controller displaying temperature, operational mode, and time settings.