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One of the most reliable pieces of equipment in home’s is the furnace. Furnace maintenance is not difficult, handy home owners can do it themselves. But, repairs should always be done by a certified Furnace Repair Lynnwood company. For those who are not comfortable with some aspects of routine maintenance a twice a year tune-up from your Lynnwood Furnace Repair service is a worthwhile investment.
There are three major components of a heating system. Failure in one of them can result in total system failure, they are the heat source, distribution system, and thermostat. Following are some tips for furnace maintenance that will help extend your furnace’s life and avoid furnace repair expense.
Before starting any maintenance on your furnace make sure you have killed all power by turning the power off at the circuit breaker.

  1. Keep your furnace clean. The most formidable enemy of your furnace is dirt. Dirt can attack any of the three main components of your system. So, keeping the furnace clean is your major defense against failure. Change the furnace filter when the heating season begins and then monthly when the furnace is in constant use.
  2. To keep the furnace motor cool, clean it every time you change the filter. It is not a difficult job. Today, most furnace motors are sealed so all you need to do is wipe it down and remove dust, grime and debris. These items act as insulation, keeping heat in the motor housing. While wiping down the motor housing, check the oil at the oil ports if there are any. Most sealed motors are permanently oiled, but a small number need to have oil added, they have oil ports. Oil should be added annually, at the start of the season. Use regular motor oil, use 10 weight oil without detergent added. Only add two or three drops to the ports. If the motor shaft had oil ports do the same.
  3. When you do your season start filter change, check the blower motor belts. Loose or frayed belts should be replaced. Here’s how:
    • Loosen the motor bolts
    • When the motor is loosened push it towards the blower to remove tension on the belt
    • Once tension eased remove the loose or frayed belt
    • Take the belt to a hardware store and get an exact replacement
    • Replace the belt, first attach the belt to the pulley on the blower, then pull the motor gently back, restoring belt tension. Tighten the motor bolts and you are done.
  4. To finish the job properly, remove and clean air duct and registers.

It’s best to do the annual cleaning and maintenance work before the heating season begins. If there are any serious problems it allows time to call a heating repair company to fix the problem before you need the furnace operational. Most heating repair companies will perform a pre-heating inspection and maintenance for a small fee. If you contract with them to provide the service they keep track of service dates and will call you to arrange your cleaning. Usually, if repairs are needed heating repair companies give small discounts to their contract customer.  For Lynnwood Furnace Repair & service, contact Complete Furnace Repair and Heat Pump Installation.