How You Can Heat Your Home For Less

How You Can Heat Your Home For LessWant to heat your home for less? Then an Everett Ductless Heat Pump is what you need and Complete Mechanical, Inc. is the place to get yours. By installing a ductless heat pump you can lower your monthly utility bills and receive a maximum rebate of $1200 from PUD.

A ductless heat pump can be easily installed into a home that uses electricity as a primary heat source. This energy efficient heat pump works to both heat and cool your home. It produces less noise and is a safer means of evenly distributing warm air. Much less expensive than baseboard heating, the ductless systems do not need an extensive ductwork system to operate. Installation of the system is fairly simple as it requires a mere 3 inch space in the ceiling or wall. The units are mounted, the lines are connected, the electrical wiring is joined and that’s it.

There are many benefits to having a ductless heat pump system installed including energy savings, lowered utility costs, and impressive reductions to heating bills in the winter months.

These systems also create a more comfortable living space. Air is evenly circulated through an extremely quiet fan which reduces the potential for hot and cold drafts in throughout the house, and makes your home a cozy and comfortable place to live.

This simple energy efficient upgrade can produce a major impact on your home. The installation process is quick and requires very little interruption to your household. And, we all recognize that an energy efficient system also positively impacts our environment.

A ductless heat pump enables you to cool your home in the summer without needing to install any window air conditioning units.

Finally, by investing in an Everett Ductless Heat Pump you will be making a sound investment into the value of your home. Not only will you save on your heating costs, you can receive a $1200 rebate from PUD for purchasing this energy efficient system. Contact Complete Mechanical, Inc. to begin your energy savings at 206-337-2360 or online by clicking here.