Heating Service Near Lake Stevens, Battening Down the Hatches

Heating Service Near Lake Stevens

As the nights grow longer, mornings have a bit of nip in the air. It’s time for gathering in those last crops, stopping up the drafts, and battening down the hatches – metaphorically, if not literally. Complete Mechanical, Inc., can help by providing heating service near Lake Stevens and surrounding areas. If you’ve not already had your heating system checked, now is an excellent time to get that done.

A heating inspection now while the air is just a little nippy in the morning, and afternoons can still be balmy, can prevent problems in January when having your heating system out of commission can present real problems.

Heating service includes:

  • changing out filters,
  • cleaning air ducts, and
  • checking pilot lights or electronic igniters to make sure they work.

It can also include checking and cleaning fans, seals, and other rubber or plastic parts that can wear over time. We can also tuck your air conditioner in for the winter. And that part about stuffing up the cracks? We can help check for worn door and window seals for those unplanned bits of air circulation that can prove costly when the thermometer dips toward the bottom. We can even install replacement systems if your old one has reached the point that it is no longer efficient.

Warm afternoons, chilly mornings are signs that the season is marching on toward colder weather.   Call Complete Mechanical at (206)337-2360 for your heating service near Lake Stevens. Let us help batten down those hatches, stop up those drafts, and get your home snug and comfy for the winter season. Now is a much better time than January to catch up with those small details that can make a big difference.