Heating Service in Lynnwood


Complete Mechanical would like to help you get ready for winter with heating service in Lynnwood. With the days getting shorter and the nights chillier, seasonal changes signal cold weather ahead. You still have time to get ahead of the rush, and have your heating system ready for the days when the weather is truly cold.

A heating service encompasses many things. Of course, it involves cleaning your furnace, changing out filters, and cleaning air ducts or checking pipes that carry hot water or steam for leaks. More complex processes might include calibrating thermostats, checking the thermocouple (on gas forced-air furnaces) or the electric igniter, and generally ensure that all the parts of your furnace are currently operating correctly. This will not one hundred percent guarantee that your heating system won’t develop a glitch at the worst possible time, but it does mean discerning whether all systems are operational at the time of the visit. Lubricating moving parts, checking for water or gas leaks, and generally giving it a thorough once-over can help make the beginning, and perhaps all, of your heating season much better. Should your heating system have gotten beyond repair, we can also install a new heating system. We have a variety from which you can choose, including boiler-driven systems and heat pumps.

Complete Mechanical would like to help you get ready for winter with heating service in Lynnwood, just call (206)337-2360 to learn more. We can clean, check and repair existing systems; or we can install new heating systems. Our goal in the autumn season is to help our customers head into winter with a heating system that will keep them snug throughout the cold months of the year. Don’t let Jack Frost catch  you by surprise!