Furnace Service in Issaquah

Boiler Service for Shoreline

When the thermometer is climbing up your attention is more likely to be on air conditioning than on furnace service in Issaquah, but here at Complete Mechanical, Inc., we know that it won’t be long before temperatures begin to plummet and a furnace in good working order will be of much greater interest.

Summer is a good time to get ahead of the rush and make sure that your heating system is in good working order before cold weather hits. If you have a central heating and air unit in your home, furnace maintenance can work right along with air conditioning maintenance, since it is likely to involve cleaning air ducts, changing out filters and checking fans for worn belts or a need for lubrication. Fan motors are also a point of weakness for central air units since they can eventually wear out. Good maintenance, cleaning out the dust, lubrication and keeping belts in good condition can help with reducing strain on those sensitive fan motors. If you have a gas furnace, summer is not a bad time to check the pilot light or ignition system. And, of course, keeping your thermostatic controls in good working order can be important the year around.

Call Complete Mechanical at (206)337-2360 to get a head start on preparing for winter with a furnace service in Issaquah, or surrounding areas. We are available for emergency services after hours and on weekends, but it is so much easier to get a jump start on being ready for colder weather by doing some preventative maintenance while the weather is still warm. It is no fun to shiver and worry about freezing pipes if your furnace goes down during the months of severe winter weather.