Everett Water Heater Maintenance

How many of you know about Hot water heaters, most probably very few. It is simple machinery that does its work quietly and most homeowners do not even think about it. However when it breaks, it creates a big mess. It damages the floor, walls, basement or carpets. So before anything like this happens you should look into the options and contact a company that deals with Everett Water Heater Maintenance.

Regular Maintenance increase life of the water heaters and may help you avoid problems that may arise if proper care is not taken. If the problem turns serious it might cost you a lot so before some problem occurs you should contact a company that take cares of your problems- Complete HVAC.

Following are some of the checks and services that our experts perform on the basic water heater maintenance sessions:

  • Valve testing
  • Anode rods are checked
  • Tank is drained and cleaned
  • Temperature is adjusted
  • Tank and pipes insulation is done.

Apart from the services mentioned above, If there is any other major problem with your tank, our expert will note it and inform you about the problem so that it is repaired before it turns critical.

Apart from the excellent service that is mentioned above, Complete HVAC has affordable service charges and hence will provide you all the services at a much cheaper rate compared to our competitors. This means you will not be over charged like many other companies do.

Complete HVAC has the best customer service team. So if you have any queries, you can ask them from our customer support. Our customer support officers are very knowledgeable and will help you through the process.

Complete HVAC offers best customer support, highly skilled and experienced experts to help you out with your Everett Water Heater Maintenance. We do quality work with 100% guarantee. Contact us at 206-337-2360.