Enjoy Rebates for Ductless Heat Pump Systems in Shoreline

Enjoy Rebates for Ductless Heat Pump Systems in Shoreline
Depending on your location, there are many options available for effectively heating and cooling your home or business. One choice that is growing in popularity in our area of the U.S. is a ductless mini-split heat pump. This system is different from traditional heating and cooling components in that it has only a single piece of equipment called a heat pump and there is no ductwork required to keep the internal temperature of a building comfortable. There are even some rebates for ductless heat pump systems in Shoreline for qualified individuals.

Ductless heat pumps have numerous advantages, including:

• Cutting your heating bill almost in half compared to conventional heating systems. Heat transfer is less costly than heat generation. Ductless heat pumps that are certified ENERGY STAR utilize 60% less energy than the average electrical heating unit.
• Cooling costs are also reduced by around 30% since the fans and compressors are manufactured using the latest technology. Adjustments are often uncomplicated and will save energy.
• Mounted indoor units are capable of heating or cooling a single room and permit variable temperatures in all locations. This can be controlled by a wall console, remote or smartphone app.
Ductless mini-split units are becoming more common in these situations:
• Aging homes or commercial buildings with no interior ductwork.
• Rooms that are not often occupied.
• Separate outbuildings like workshops and garages and room additions.
• New construction with high fuel costs.
• Structures with costly electric heating bills.
• Areas beside unconditioned spaces that are subjected to extreme temperatures.

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