Celebrate Spring with Heating Service in Edmonds

heating service in EdmondsComplete Mechanical invites you to celebrate spring with heating service in Edmonds. Sound a little crazy? The days are warming up, the nights are getting shorter, you might wonder why spring would be a good time for heating service.

By springtime, your heating system has undergone a winter’s worth of use. Whether you are using a forced air system, a boiler-driven steam or water radiant heat system or a heat pump, your equipment has been busy keeping you warm all winter. Spring brings a chance for it to rest, but before you shut it down completely, now is a good time to get a professional to go over it, clean out all of its areas, and to lubricate or possibly even replace over-stressed moving parts. If you are using a central heating and cooling system that uses the same duct work for both heating and cooling, now is a good time to get all the dirt, dust and winter debris cleaned out. No matter how efficient your housekeeping might be, dust settles in those ducts. Now is also a good time to check any gas pipes involved with your heating system, as well as calibrating thermostats. Once those checks (and maybe even a few more) are done, your heating system is ready to rest quietly for the summer – sort of like tucking it in for a long summer’s nap.

Complete Mechanical invites you to celebrate spring with heating service in Edmonds, just give us a call at (206)337-2360. We’ll be glad to help you get your heating system cleaned up and ready for a good summer’s rest. And you will have the great feeling that when the leaves start to change color in autumn, your heating system will only need a little dusting off for winter.