Air Conditioning Service in Mill Creek: It’s Not Just for When It’s Hot!

Air Conditioning Service in Mill Creek: It's Not Just for When It's Hot!If you are like many people, you don’t really think about your air conditioning unit very much until it starts to get warmer outside. Instead of waiting until the hot months to arrive before you discover whether or not you will be feeling cool air when you flip that switch, make sure it works in advance by making an appointment for air conditioning service in Mill Creek at these two crucial times.

Prior to Cooling Season

This pre-season checkup helps ensure that your air conditioning unit weathered the cold winter months well. After a thorough inspection, the technician will make a note of any worn parts. The necessary lubrication is also applied to ensure that the smooth movement of parts is possible.

After Cooling Season Ends

As cooling season winds down and you need your air conditioner less, schedule an inspection of your system. During this post-season inspection, the technician checks for anything that looks out of the ordinary. In addition to thoroughly cleaning the unit, it is lubricated to help keep it in working condition, even during the cold weather.

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