Your Furnace Service in Bothell

Your Furnace Service in BothellComplete Mechanical HVAC Services can help with your furnace service in Bothell. As the days grow shorter, and nighttime temperatures lower, now is a good time to think about your furnace if you’ve not already had it checked this year. Checking thermostats, pilot lights (when applicable), cleaning chimneys, flues, and heating ducts and changing out those important air filters can make a big difference in your winter time comfort.

If your current furnace isn’t quite doing its job, and you are ready for a change, we also do installations of new heating systems either to replace the old system or to supplement it. Speaking of supplemental heat, mini split heat pump systems are both economical and efficient. The “split” in their name refers to their internal heat set up. A single appropriately sized heat pump can handle up to four zones inside a building. This allows home-owners or office owners to establish different thermostat settings appropriate to time of day and use of a room. For example, a bedroom might be set a little cooler than the living room or office during the day when it is not in use. Temperature sensitive areas such as locations that have plumbing or house plants can have temperatures set specifically for that area.

Complete Mechanical HVAC Services can help with your furnace service in Bothell, just call us at (206)337-2360. Whatever your heating needs, we can help you get ready for the chilly days ahead – whether it is simply servicing an existing system or installing something new. We are ready to help our customers prepare their homes so that they can be snug and warm this winter. Just because we go on calls in all sorts of weather doesn’t mean that we don’t understand the value of watching winter precipitation from inside a warm house.