Your Boiler Service in Lynnwood

boiler service in Lynnwood

Mid-winter is hardly the best time for your boiler service in Lynnwood, but Complete Mechanical, Inc., is more than happy to help. We know that if you are calling for assistance at this time of year, there is a good chance that something has gone wrong. That is why we do maintain an emergency contact number where we can be reached 24/7.

Early warning signs of problems with boilers include water puddling beneath it, puffs of steam from pipes and excessive clunking and clanking. Another warning sign is lack of hot water or steam in areas where they would be desirable. If your boiler is your heat source, January and February are not months when you want to develop a difficulty with your boiler or radiant heat system. Other signs are thermostats or gauges not responding correctly. Boilers are one of those appliances that are good servants, but bad masters. If you notice problems signs, don’t hesitate to call. Mechanical problems rarely get better without repairs; unfortunately, machines don’t heal themselves. However, we are here to help, whether the problem is a thermostat that has gone wrong, a leaky seal or a need for a new boiler.

Complete Mechanical, Inc., is glad to help with your boiler service in Lynnwood, just call us at (206)337-2360 for more information. If your boiler has developed warning signs, we are happy to be of assistance to you. We will search for the problem, and discuss with you possible solutions. With your approval, we will take care of all necessary repairs. If it is repairable, we’ll have that boiler going again as quickly as possible. We know that this season is no time for your primary heat source to be malfunctioning.