Your Air Conditioning Service in Seattle

air conditioning service in Seattle

Complete Mechanical, Inc., has your air conditioning service in SeattleIf you are not an HVAC technician, you may not know much about what you should expect during an air conditioning service visit. In order to feel confident your air conditioning service is just what you need, and not more or less, we’ll share a few things with you.

Maintaining your HVAC system is absolutely necessary. Most AC unit service calls are brought about because of a lack of maintenance. The filters can become clogged, refrigerant can run out, the list goes on. Keep your air conditioning unit in good shape by maintaining it according to the manufacturer recommendations.

We often get calls about the AC humming, but the fan is not moving or seeming to work. If the fan is not spinning, the first and most simple thing to check is that the capacitor may need replacement. Replacing the capacitor is a quick and easy fix.

When you AC unit is not humming, you may have an electrical problem to deal with. First, check for blown fuses and then tripped breakers. If you are not sure how to check, contact a member of our team to come out and diagnose the problem.

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