You May Qualify for Rebates for Heating Systems in Smokey Point

You May Qualify for Rebates for Heating Systems in Smokey Point

Now that almost all the cold weather has gone, it’s a great time to take care of your heating system to prepare for next year. Why now? Since you don’t need the heat much longer, it is readily accessible for technicians to take care of it without disrupting comfort in your home. It’s possible that you can qualify for rebates for heating systems in Smokey Point, too. You can save money on the heating unit itself, as well as garnering additional savings on your monthly gas or electric bill.

Your heating equipment usually expends the most energy in a typical home. Replacing the boiler or furnace can effectively reduce your energy use by up to 30%. If you have a gas furnace or a boiler that is more than 20 years old, you are wasting money. Old models do not have the efficiency of new units.

Get an inspection of your heating and cooling system from the specialists at Complete Mechanical. We may recommend:

  • Replacing your current heating unit with one that is more energy-efficient.
  • A comprehensive cooling and heating system tune-up.
  • Installing a programmable or WiFi-connected thermostat.
  • Installing a mini-split heating and cooling unit for added convenience and efficiency.

There are many ways to save on your heating and cooling costs. After your upgrades are made, you can earn rebates for making an energy-efficient switch to a different type of heating unit. Also, your home will remain comfortable in all seasons.

Contact the knowledgeable technicians at Complete Mechanical at (206) 337-2360 for an appointment to inspect your present heating and cooling unit and to talk about making better home temperature choices. Learn how you can receive rebates for heating systems in Smokey Point.