Winter is on its way, Time to Focus on Heating in Bothell

heating in Bothell

As the stores fill with pumpkins, cornstalks and decorative scarecrows, the outside temperature has been steadily dropping – especially at night. Hopefully, you’ve already given your furnace its regular service, but it isn’t too late to get it checked before the real cold weather gets here. Maybe you had it checked and have discovered that you are in dire need of a new heating system. Winter is on its way, it is time to focus on heating in Bothell – and Complete Mechanical can help.

One of the most energy-efficient types of environmental control for your home is a heat pump that both heats and cools. The way a heat pump works is that during the summer, it pumps hot air out of your home, in the winter it extracts warmth from the out-of-doors or from the earth and pumps it into your home. Heat pumps can be tied in with your hot water system to help heat water and to help regulate your indoor temperatures. While they might not be suitable for every situation, they are remarkably efficient where they can be installed. Even if the system must have some sort of supplemental heat, a heat pump is one way to increase the efficiency of your home heating system. Another way is to have a programmable thermostat that will automatically adjust temperatures within your home to normal daily activities.

Whether you need your heating in Bothell serviced, repaired or you need a new installation, call Complete Mechanical at (206)337-2360. We have your winter heating needs covered. We understand how sometimes getting things done can prove to be less than timely, and we know that with winter just around the corner, turning on the heat is going to be on your mind.