Winter Heating Tips From Seattle Furnace Service & Repair Experts

There are steps you can take, as a homeowner (apartment renter, etc.) to decrease the cost of heating your home in severe winter weather. Seattle’s average winter temperature is 10° F. Maintaining your heating system for safety and efficiency is essential to keep your home warm through these bitterly cold days. The first and most important tip is to have Complete Mechanical, your Seattle Furnace Service & Repair experts, conduct a yearly maintenance review of your furnace, boiler, or heat pump. Once you are assured that your heating system is in optimum operating condition, the following tips will help increase your home’s heating efficiency.

  1. Sunny Days – take advantage of Mother Nature’s heat. Open window and door blinds and adjust the blades to point toward the ceiling. Be certain to close all blinds once the sun goes down.
  2. Ceiling Fan – set any ceiling fans to “Reverse”. Because hot air is lighter than cool air, it rises. Reversing the direction of ceiling fans will push heated air to the ground.
  3. Humidity – air heated with forced air systems feels cooler than moist air. Invest in a humidifier to extend your home’s heat and keep your sinuses and skin from excessive drying.
  4. Humidifier Maintenance – both portable and whole house humidifiers must be maintained according to manufacturer’s recommendations. Reservoirs on portable units can harbor mold and other germs hazardous to your health.
  5. Exhaust Fans – draw heated air out of your home. After finished with fans, be certain to turn off.
  6. Thermostat – time-control thermostats can save money on fuel by varying your home’s temperature according to occupancy (decrease temperature when at work or in bed).
  7. Fireplaces – standard fireplaces (with external chimney) are a source of tremendous heat loss. If the fireplace is not needed, refrain from using during periods of extreme cold. Should you use your fireplace, be sure to close the damper once all embers have died.
  8. Furnace Filters – if you have a furnace, check the air filter every month and replace as necessary. Restricted air flow from a clogged filter will diminish the heat flow in your home. This decreased hot air flow will decrease the ability of your furnace to heat your home, and it will work continuously to satisfy heat demand. Not only will your home not be comfortable, you will burn excessive amounts of fuel trying to heat the space.