Why is my Air Conditioner Frozen?

air conditioning service in AuburnIf your air conditioning system is not operating the way it should and not putting out cold air no matter how low you set the thermostat, there is a good possibility that the coils have frozen. If you see ice surrounding the condenser when you check the outside unit, your air conditioner has frozen up and requires service as soon as possible. Contact the air conditioning maintenance professionals at Complete Mechanical for quality, cost-effective air conditioning service in Auburn.

With warmer weather and our air conditioners running more often and at lower thermostat levels, a frozen unit is a common occurrence. Condensation that forms on the coils freezes and disrupts or completely inhibits air flow. The problem could also be caused by dirty coils, a soiled air filter or low refrigerant.

Our service technician will carefully inspect all components of your air conditioner’s inside air handler and outside condenser unit to determine the specific issue involved. He will clean the fans, dust away accumulated debris and add coolant if necessary. Turning off the air conditioner will allow the unit to thaw completely and dry out.

Complete Mechanical is currently offering a promotion for an air conditioning tune-up that can prevent your air conditioning from freezing before it happens. We will conduct a 10 point service for $89.00.

Call Complete Mechanical to schedule an appointment for air conditioning service in Auburn for preventive maintenance or to solve your frozen A/C problem at (206) 337-2360. Allow our experts to ensure that your air conditioning unit operates at peak efficiency.