What’s the deal with Freon?

freonFreon, also known as R-22 or HCFC-22, has been the most popular air conditioning refrigerant since its inception for heat pumps and air conditioning units in home, business, and vehicle air conditioning systems. For your air conditioning service in Kirkland, it used to be that you could go into a store, purchase a can of Freon and charge your air conditioning. Unfortunately, we have learned that Freon’s hydro chlorofluorocarbon leaks add to the depletion the earth’s ozone. In 1987, an international environmental agreement began requiring companies that make Freon to phase it out due to its ozone depleting chlorofluorocarbons. A modification of the agreement was released in 1996 and essentially became part of the Clean Air Act of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Today, there are now ozone-friendly refrigerants like R-410A or R-407C (only available in Europe). After the year 2020, R-22 systems will only be able to use reclaimed or recycled refrigerant. What does this mean for your air conditioning systems?

Don’t be concerned if you still have an R-22 air conditioning or heat pump unit as it can still be serviced with Freon. Newer models have been redesigned to use the replacement refrigerants.

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