What You Should Know About Hot Water Tank Service in Edmonds


Complete Mechanical HVAC can help with your hot water tank service in Edmonds. Your hot water tank is a vital part of your water heater or your boiler – which are not necessarily the same thing. However, in both cases, hot water is held in a container where it is ready for use.

Hot water tanks are both simple and a little bit tricky at the same time. First, they are simple in that they are a container for holding hot water. The tricky part comes in because water molecules behave differently when they are hot than they do when they are cold. Incidentally, should the water in your “hot” water tank freeze, you then have a whole new set of conditions that will affect the health and efficiency of your hot water tank. When water is heated, the molecules become excited. As they zip around, the volume of the water increases. If it becomes steam, it expands even more. If that steam is confined in a sealed container, it will cause the container to rupture. To prevent this, water tanks are equipped with emergency gaskets and safety valves. If the tank becomes too cold, as might happen if the power is disrupted in winter, the water can freeze. Amazingly enough, frozen water molecules also have a greater volume than just plain cold water. The frozen molecules fit together differently, with more spaces between. Again, this expansion can cause the water tank to develop a leak. It will not, however, cause the abrupt rupture that might occur from confined steam. This is why expansion tanks are recommended.

Complete Mechanical can take care of your hot water tank service in Edmonds, just call (206)337-2360 to learn more about our services. We can help by checking thermostats, safety devices, and the general condition of your tank, as well as draining and cleaning it out.